CS:GO betting, everything you need to know

In this section, we are going to tell you about the beginnings of this eSport, which has been a favourite of FPS (first-person shooter) fans for more than 20 years.

Well, this multiplayer game started back in 1999 for Windows users and was created by two video game enthusiasts, Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. They started with a website, for which nobody gave a penny, however, after a lot of work and evolution, big companies like Valve set their eyes on them.

In 2000, after the integration, the game was renamed Half Life: Counter-Strike, but it was only in 2004 that they entered the big door, as it was the year in which they arrived on Steam. Likewise, the Counter-Strike Fantasy eSports League began.

Over the course of time, updates, the inclusion of new maps, improved graphics and increased weapons, among other modifications, have led to what we know today as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

This development process is very common in other eSports, such as League of Legends, which we will talk about in this guide. It’s certainly an exciting evolution, as those who have followed the series from the beginning can see how it has changed, and that’s refreshing.

What CS:GO is all about

In this chapter, we will look at the plot of CS:GO, which is a game of strategy and pre-set objectives. In this saga, Counter-Terrorists (CT) are pitted against Terrorists (T) on a map in which the smartest player wins.

The game consists of two parts, each of 15 rounds, and the first to win 16 rounds is the winner. And to win, he or she must eliminate all the members of the opposing team and complete their objectives on the map.

In the case of the Terrorists, their mission is to plant a bomb and make sure it goes off, among other tasks. While the Anti-Terrorists must try to prevent the device from being installed or, failing that, defuse it.

Team distribution

Each squad is composed of 5 members who take on a role, according to the tactics of the team. Very similar to what happens in other eSports like Defense of the Ancients 2, if you also like this game, this is our Dota 2 betting guide.

Going back, the roles in the teams are as follows:

  • The captain: The captain will be the leading voice that coordinates all the movements of the group, and his or her cunning will be the key to lead them to victory. He is usually a very experienced player, who is on the radar of his colleagues.
  • Support: He is a player who acts as support and aims to give his comrades the time they need to carry out their task. Grenades are part of his arsenal.
  • The AWPer: Or sniper, he is an agile figure who is a master of the long-range rifle. He must guard the perimeter and prevent enemies from getting too close.
  • Lurker: The team’s spy. This character must be very cautious and act almost like a ninja, as he must move in the opponent’s territory and seek information about the position of the other players, as well as details of enemy strategy.
  • Spearhead: Also known as Entry Fragger, this is a position unique to Terrorists. He must be a player with dazzling marksmanship and fearlessness, for in the bottlenecks of the game, he will be the one brave enough to jump in and allow his team to complete the mission.

This template can vary according to the needs and abilities of each squad. For, depending on the mission and the side they are on, the roles may change or even be different.